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OCTOBER 2017  2017 Mail:

METAL HALIDE light source

This new unit from YDON is an ideal substitute for conventional HBO lamps and excels in viewing hours.

YDON are also a lamp manufacturer and they have cleverly boosted the working life of their Metal Halide lamp to give 3,000 hours life as against a conventional HBO lamp’s 200 hours, saving on time and cost.

The bulb is pre-aligned,  so there’s no set up centring or hassle involved, leaving you free to just switch on and work.

The stand-alone unit connects to the microscope via a light fiber cable and adapters for Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leitz are readily available*.

Coupled with a low photobleaching rate to increrase the life of your sample, full fluorescence spectrum for all applications and a warm up period of 90 seconds, life’s about to  get a lot easy in the lab.