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LumaScopes are a new concept in high resolution, inverted fluorescence microscopy designed to speed up workflow in cell biology. They are compact, highly versatile microscopes that provide high resolution fluorescence images comparable in quality to traditional higher cost instruments. Their compact size enables them to work in the challenging locations used in cell biology such as inside incubators, biological safety cabinets and in environmental control workstations with remote control and image monitoring.

The LumaScope design was conceived and developed by working scientists to simplify daily work and overcome the need for expensive and overly complicated microscopes. They realised that a large proportion of routine fluorescence microscopy involves imaging and measuring the presence, health, and signal of labelled cells that could be greatly simplified. The inverted design enables rapid imaging of microplates, flasks, dishes and custom labware in addition to slides.

Applications include:

    Live cell imaging

    Cell growth and confluence

    Cell migration and wound healing

    Determining transfection efficiency

    Tracking and quantifying protein expression

    Following cell differentiation

    High Content Analysis

    Intravital studies

    Photomicroscopy in locations without AC power

LumaScopes use LED light sources, Semrock filters combined with advanced optical engineering and CMOS sensors to provide near diffraction-limited resolution. Powered only by a USB connection, LumaScopes easily record still images, time-lapse series, and live videos directly to your computer. The XY Stage on the LumaScopes 460, 560 or 620 can be operated manually or fully automated on the LumaScope 720.

LumaScopes focus on producing quality images whilst providing versatility in a compact, easy to use design at a very attractive price. Lumaview software sends images directly to a computer via a USB cable, eliminating the need for on-board image storage and processing. Lumaview enables time-lapse studies over seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Live videos can be recorded at up to 30 frames per second.