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Schott KL series HAL and LED  light sources


As the colour rendering of white LED light sources is still limited for various life science and material applications, the

KL1500HAL cold light source comes with the full 150 Watt halogen spectrum – offering you the best performance when it comes to colour critical measurements.

In addition you can benefit from a lot of improved features and enhanced parameters. With a 9 mm light guide the

KL500HAL is able to generate powerful 600 Lumen.

An ultra-low noise fan and an optimised airflow facilitate relaxed working conditions. The LCD display with various

parameters enables comfortable operations control and reproducible results


employing state-of-the-art technology, SCHOTT has developed and designed a multiple LED driven light source to provide an attractive alternative to conventional halogen

cold light sources.

The brightness is improved compared to its forerunner by 70% and therefore optimised as a standard illumination system for the requirements of all stereo microscopes.   

An optimised heat management is assured by an extremely silent fan.

Emitting neutral white light (approx. 5,600 K) the KL1600LED is DC driven. The ripple free illumination is ideal for digital imaging applications. An additional benefit is that the colour temperature does not change even  is dimmed.


The KL2500LED is the performance leader in cold light sources from SCHOTT with a LED light engine.

Due to its high light output and special features it complies with all advanced requirements in life science and industrial applications of Stereo Microscopy and Macroscopy.

Brightness is equivalent of 250W halogen cold light source.

All advantages of LED light sources

no bulb changing

low energy consumption

ripple free DC illumination

white light (daylight)

no visible colour temperature shift on dimming


• Multiple-chip white LED light engine

• Continuous dimming from 0 to 100%

• Compact high quality housing with integrated handle

• Small footprint and additional iron ballast for stability when use with goosenecks

• Filter slider with two positions (filter can remain in the light source even if t is not used)

• 1.100 Lumens output at light guide end (light guides with active diameter of 9 mm)

• PC controllable via USB

• Connection for foot switch and remote control

• Intensity control at three sensitivities (fine, standard and coarse tuning)

• LCD display indicates brightness setting, operation mode, or error code

• Electronic shutter function.